Saturday, June 23, 2012

Obama and Romney Trade Barbs- PCW on P-SPAN Report

On Monday night, Republicans and Democrats united against the PCW Television Champion Valora Salinas in an attempt to get the TV belt off her. They failed.

So as the Independent contingent boarded their buses to head to the next show, this past Thursday night on

…an assembly line of limos pulled into Auburn Hills, MI as the Republicans held their show at the Palace of Auburn Hills. With Mitt Romney (R-MA) on the scene inside one of luxury boxes, the crowd roared as PCW Red Belt Champion ‘The Japanese SuperDestroyer’ Yamamoto Tanaka (R), with Romney and the rest of the Republican establishment clapping in approval, defeated Russ Smith of the Main Street Mafia in the main event.

PCW Competition Committee Chief John Boehner (R-OH) blamed Democrats for dropping the ball in the TV title match Monday night and cited that as the reason Valora won.

Also on hand: Brad Company- who’s challenging the PCW rule that states you must purchase health insurance to PCW’s Super Court.

Boehner, confident that the PCW Super Court will side with Company, cautioned the Republican side not to ‘spike the football’ if the court rules in their favor. “We want to keep the focus on the economic harm Barack Obama’s policies have brought to PCW,” Boehner said.

PCW Women’s champion Miss USA was at the show as a special guest to Ann Romney.

In other matches:
-Kirk Walstreit (R) defeated RINO-The Wonk Machine (R)
-Magnum PO’d (R) defeated Steve Sanders (R)

For the Democrats, they travelled to Sarah Jessica Parker‘s palatial New York City townhouse where the tickets for the show were a whopping $40,000 a head.

PCW Executive Committee Chief Harry Reid (D-NV) blamed Republicans for Valora winning the match and said that the GOP was “…as always, too fast and furious to place the blame elsewhere for their own failings.”

With PCW Champion The Sanderman (D) by his side, Obama delivered a promo about the upcoming 2012 contest, telling everyone on hand that “We’re going to have to fight for it because the workers of PCW are tired. They’ve gone through a very tough economy. They’re still having a tough time. And that’s why this election is going to be close. The other side is going to spend millions with a very simple message – you’re frustrated, you’re disappointed, and it’s my fault. And that’s an elegant message. It happens to be wrong.”

Obama then took a swipe at Mitt Romney because the Red Belt Champion, Yamamoto Tanaka (R) is from Japan. “Here’s another classic example of Mitt Romney outsourcing a perfectly good American job overseas. We don’t need a pioneer in outsourcing to run PCW.”

The Sanderman agreed and hoisted up the PCW title belt to the delight of the celebrities on hand.

In the main event, former PCW Tag Team champions Big Union (Big Labor and James the Jeep Worker) defeated Planned Parenthood (Jordan Metzger and Kendra W. Wallace) and then demanded a rematch against the new PCW Tag Team champions Scott Walker’s Rangers (John and Ronnie Walker).

In other matches:
-Former 4 time PCW Women’s Champion Kathryn Randall Collins def. Melissa Norris. After the match, Nancy Pelosi joined KRC in the ring and again blamed the Republican’s ‘War on Women’ for her defeat to Miss USA at Loose Cannons Unleashed.

Pelosi called the Republican attempt to woo the Women’s Champion into their camp a transparent attempt to suppress women’s support for the Democrats at the upcoming PCW Extreme Election Night pay per view show in November.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker (D-NJ) was also there. He caught a lady who’d tripped and kept her from falling down the stairs. Then he pulled a young child out of the way of an oncoming service vehicle in the concourse. Finally, he helped a constiutent who was short a few cents to purchase a $10 beer earning this from the kid who’s a huge Miami Heat fan…

Good job, good effort kid from the Miami Heat game: Good job! Good effort!

PCW’s Extreme Political TV hits Pikeville High School in Pikeville, KY this week while the Red show flies to the Amway Arena in Orlando, FL and the Blue show to the Sovereign Bank Arena in Newark, New Jersey.

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