Saturday, January 14, 2012

PCW Update: Romney Goes for the Kill in South Carolina

The 2012 road to PCW Extreme Election Day in November is in full swing and PCW’s South Carolina Slaughter show is one week away.


Mitt Romney (R-MA)  goes for the kill.
RealClearPolitics – Mitt Romney and the Right

Big Government- Why Does Mitt Romney Want Low-Skilled Workers to Be

Political Animal – Mitt Romney’s new problem: A rising sun

Rick Perry (R-TX) still struggling to get back into the race.
Rick Perry Mannequin | South Carolina | Squat N Gobble | Mediaite

Lonely Conservative- Rick Perry Loses Supporters in South Carolina – Update
Business Insider- South Carolina: Can Rick Perry Stop Santorum and Gingrich?

Gingrich (R-GA) v. Santorum (R-PA)
Gingrich and Santorum Vie to Be the Conservative – The Caucus
Political News Now- ELECTION 2012:: Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum in South Carolina
CNN Political Ticker- Gingrich’s gameplan: Ignore Santorum, hammer Romney – CNN

Ron Paul (R-TX) still lurks.
Raw Story- Maher: Ron Paul ‘is in my heart more on foreign affairs’ than Obama

Mediaite- Bill Maher Ron Paul | Obama Ron Paul Foreign Policy | Video Ron Paul: Third In South Carolina, Confusing the Politicos, the

Republicans Fighting Back Over Recess Appointments
Potus News- Obama Recess Appointments Challenged

Washington Monthly Political Animal – It sure looks like a recess
Courage in America- Obama admin taken to court for recess appointments

Springsteen Backs Occupy Wall Street

Coming up Monday night on PCW Extreme Political TV:

-how will Daniel-San (I) respond after John Creese and his Cobra Cons decimated him at the end of last Thursday’s PCW Politics is War show.

-now that an uneasy truce has been put into place between PCW Women’s Champion Valora Salinas and PCW, will her path of rage go on hiatus until she gets her PCW title shot next week at South Carolina Slaughter?

-PCW Television Champion ‘The One Man Hollywood A-List’ Stone Chism (D) will be the guest referee and newly resigned Yamamoto Tanaka (D) will be the enforcer as O’Beck Bahama (D) and New Age Sensitive Guy Blaine Thomas-Taylor (D)
-And the main event will be a six man tag team match between:

The Tea Party
Average Joe
HT: 6′ 2″  WT: 220
HOME: Defiance, OH
FIN: Average Slam

HT: 6′ 2″  WT: 269
HOME: Richmond, IN
FIN: Gun Rack (modified torture rack)

‘Tin Cup’ Ray McAvay
HT: 6′ 2″  WT: 185
HOME: Salome, TX
FIN: Seven-Iron
MGR: Tromeo and Dr. Molly Greenwald


Occupy Wall Street
HT: 5′ 10″  WT: 190
HOME: Minneapolis, MN

HT: 6′ 1″  WT: 185
HOME: Newark, NJ

HT: 6’0″  WT: 200
HOME: New York City, NY

Last Thursday, the OWS attacked American Heartlanders Charlie Blackwell and Blackwell’s Les Miserables at the end of the show.  The Tea Party came to the rescue and now it’s on for real this Monday night on PCW Extreme Political TV.

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