Thursday, August 06, 2009

8/5-PCW Extreme Political TV

8/1-Former PCW Women’s Champion Signs With DWF

8/2-Major Heat on Quad R/Fallout from Miss USA vs. KRC/Former PCW Women’s Champ to DWF

8/3-Sarah Palin to Guest Host PCW/Obama’s ‘Cash for Clunkers’

8/5-Sarah Palin Guest Hosts/Axis of Evil Kidnap Gina-Bill Clinton Makes the Save/Hollywood A-Lister Arrives

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was the guest host. She and Keith Olbermann got into it and the Black Swamp Pirates came out to sing a song about Olbermann.

'The Princess of Political Incorrectness' Andrea Doria def. Peta from PETA in a cage match by choking her out with a mink stole.

Kim Jong-Il and the Axis of Evil kidnap PCW Correspondent Gina Ramsey when she takes a wrong turn in the hallway and ends up near their locker room.

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie aka...the SRB (Skanky Rich Bimbos) return with new PCW wrestler Hollywood A-Lister Stone Chism. Chism hobnobs with the elites and wants O'Beck Bahama's PCW Title.

PCW CEO Barack Obama calls out The Right Reverend Randy Richardson of the God Squad and demands to know why he didn't help Bahama out last week when he was attacked by the Axis of Evil. Quad R shoots right back that he's not happy either because he feels he's been screwed out of another title shot.

Movie Classic inducts three new members to the Island of Misfit Wrestlers.

Bill Clinton brokers a deal between Kim Jong-Il and PCW for Bahama to put the PCW Title on the line at a special event August 23rd. Quad R comes out and demands to be a part of the match- he's added. Stone Chism comes out with the SRB and HE demands to be added to the match- he's added. So on Saturday August 22nd, it'll be a four way elimination match featuring: PCW Champion O'Beck Bahama, The Right Reverend Randy Richardson of the God Squad, Khalid-El of the Axis of Evil, and Hollywood A-Lister Stone Chism.

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