Wednesday, October 08, 2008

10/9- PCW Newsline

10/9-PCW Newsline:

-Progressive Alliance contender O’Beck Bahama suffered a severely sprained ankle at the hands of John McCain and Sarah Palin. Will Bahama be ready in four weeks for PCW Extreme Election Night 2008 where he’s to face PCW Champion Starz N. Stripes? How will Barack Obama respond to this escalation of tension between him and McCain next week on PCW Extreme Political TV?

-Tuesday night on PCW Extreme Political TV, McMann Corporation Chief and Sports Entertainment Genius, Mr. McMann, unveiled two of his latest signees to his corporation: Big Oil w/Texas Tex and Wall Street Market Analyst and huge fan of ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit, Kirk Walstreit. But disaster struck after McMann had paid off PCW CEO George W to change the PCW Women’s title match from PCW Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl Tessa Martin to the Corporation’s Kathryn Randall Collins. Martin and her 3 Amigas compadres attacked the Corporation and caused Collins to be pinned by Champion ‘Empress Queen of All Media’ Opal Winfree (Progressive Alliance). McMann vows to bring out another ‘significant acquisition’ next week.

-Not only does McMann’s Corporation have their eye on the PCW Women’s title, but it appears as if Big Oil and Kirk Walstreit will be teaming together to challenge the reigning PCW Tag Team Champions Jack Schett and Bull Schett of the Progressive Alliance. For the moment, Big Oil is keeping his massive ego in check and settling for the tag team belts, allowing ‘Quadruple R’ Randy ‘Road Rage’ Richards to go for the PCW Title. We’ll see just how long that lasts.

-‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido (Progressive Alliance) continues to claim that PCW Television Champion FUBAR is not worthy to hold the title since he is ‘talent enhancement.’ Escondido, with help from ‘The American Screamer’ Howard Dean, continues his crusade next week on PCW Extreme Political TV to get a title shot. Other matches on the bill next week include:
-A preview of the Carolina Catfight next month at PCW Extreme Election Night 2008: Elizabeth Dole (American Patriots) vs. Kay Hagan (Progressive Alliance)
-PCW TV Champion FUBAR defends his title against the ‘Insanely Foul Smelling Luchador’ Halitosis
-John McCain and Barack Obama have their second interview with PCW Owner Bubba Jackson for the PCW CEO position
-And in a #1 contender’s match: Kathryn Randall Collins of McMann’s Corporation takes on the ‘PCW Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin with the winner facing PCW Women’s champion ‘Empress Queen of All Media’ Opal Winfree at PCW Extreme Election Night 2008
PCW WORLD CHAMPION: ‘The Original Rookie Sensation’ Starz N. Stripes (American Patriots)
#1- ‘The New Rookie Sensation’ O’Beck Bahama (Progressive Alliance)
#2- ‘The Angry Highway Warrior’ Quadruple R (McMann Corp)

PCW WOMEN’S CHAMPION: ‘Empress Queen of All Media’ Opal Winfree (Progressive Alliance)
#1- ‘PCW Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin (3 Amigas)
#2- Kathryn Randall Collins (Progressive Alliance)

#1- ‘No Frills’ Chris Escondido (Progressive Alliance)
#2- Big Oil (McMann Corp)

PCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Schett Brothers- Jack Schett and Bull Schett (Progressive Alliance)
#1- A. Tom Bomb and Hy Drogen Bomb (American Patriots)
#2- GreenPete and Extreme Vegan Brock Cole Lee (Green World Order)

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